We're on a journey to help spread a plant-based, cruelty-free, vegan way of living

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for the animals, our planet and our health.



About Pllant


We want to make it easier for people to discover everything Vegan.

We created Pllant because we believe a drastic change is needed for the future of our planet and all who live upon her. So, we wanted to make it easy for you to discover Vegan content, such as information, recipes, news and products, that are important to you and feel is essential to helping you enjoy a more healthy lifestyle. Most importantly, Pllant is inclusive of everyone and encourages humanity to move towards a Vegan lifestyle, for the animals, their health and the health of the planet.


"Use Pllant and become a part of the journey."



For us, it all started when a beautiful, caring, sweet and innocent animal came into our lives and filled our hearts. We saw in his eyes all the different emotions he felt from happiness to unconditional love for us, to sadness, to fear and to pain. If a dog is capable of all these emotions, we realised that all animals could too, and therefore, rather than contribute to their suffering, we would follow a vegan lifestyle.

As our journey unfolds, we are understanding more about the health and environmental benefits of a Vegan lifestyle, for instance, plant-based foods contain no cholesterol and how for years we’ve been misinformed into believing that you can only have a healthy diet by eating meat which is untrue. We started to understand how much the environment is suffering largely because of the dairy and meat industries.

So we wanted to help and Pllant   was born!